One Bun At A Time - Bunnies in Foster homes

Here are some of the rabbits in foster homes

We have two wish lists if you would like to buy a little something for any of them. -  Thank you x  - password takemetotheshop

BEAN is a beautiful Thriantra, he started life in a hamster cage and as a result he has no confidence in larger spaces, his space is gradually being increased and he is making progress. His teeth are weak and yellow and his breathing is sometimes fast, but he is being closely monitored. 

Hatts & Delly were part of a big hoarder rescue we began in November which lasted some months to remove all the rabbits and place them in rescues. We had the rabbits in quarantine to begin with and a few were unable to be moved on. Hatts has awful genital mutilation which leaves him prone to UTI'S and flystrike and Delly was also mutilated but to a lesser degree.  They live with amazing foster mum Claire just a minutes drive from Penny who is on call for them day & night. With careful management both buns who are now bonded are doing amazingly well and have the run of 2 indoor rooms. Hatty particularly has regular checks up with the vet who is delighted with how Hatts has improved down below, he now has fur where before was just torn raw flesh. Hes a hyper naughty boy but Delly puts him in his place to try and keep some order! 

Sefton is a character! He was advertised for free, being described as having a cauliflower ear. We collected Seffy and it transpires he had been terrorised by a dog for a long period of time which had resulted in massive calcification of his ear which was uncomfortable and pulling his face down on one side. He then underwent two operations by Alastair at Adur Valley Vets, Lancing, to remove his ear and rebuild his ear canal. He now lives like a lord with his blind and deaf wife.

Vinnie - this little lad, has lots of issues, sadly he is completely blind and following an examination by our vet, his lungs are consolidated with infection so treatment got underway immediately, once his oxygen intake improves he will feel much better.  Sadly nothing to be done for his eyes but he has settled in very nicely and is exploring his pen as best he can. 

Angus MacFarlane, is an older gent of about 7 years who has selective hearing. He lived with 2 other oldies and whom he adored. Recently though he has started to attack Ed so he is currently separate but can see and smell the other two.  Another attempt at bonding them will be made in due course.

Teasel & Mallow.  Poor Mallow had some skeletal problems which means she was immobile, she is having physio and medication and is doing amazingly well and is gaining in mobility all the time. She also had an abscess on her back which has been removed successfully.  Teasel is her sister and has a deformed front foot and had a huge abscess which tracked right down into the thoracic inlet into the chest, it was like a bag of hard pus. At the beginning of June, the vet removed all the matter and is hopeful she got it all out, Despite these two being so tiny,  they are real fighters and are doing really well. They are being lovingly looked after by Sandra, one of our fab fosterers   

Topaz and Onyx were spotted in a woods in Hampshire In May, they had obviously been out in the wild for a while as they were covered in urine, ticks and wounds. They were taken to the vets where their wounds were dealt with, the ticks removed and they were neutered. They then went under the care of one of our lovely fosterers, Karen. These two boys are now well and have been rehomed. Onwards and upwards for these two sweeties