One Bun At A Time - Bunnies in Foster homes

Here are some of the rabbits in foster homes

We have two wish lists if you would like to buy a little something for any of them. -  Thank you x  - password takemetotheshop

BEAN is a beautiful Thriantra, he started life in a hamster cage and as a result he has no confidence in larger spaces, although he does now make his way downstairs for his evening treat, a Fenugreek crunchie, then back up he goes to the safety of his room. His breathing is still fast at times, but he is being closely monitored.

Hatts & Delly were part of a big hoarder rescue. took us some months to remove all the rabbits and place them in rescues. All the rabbits were quarantine before placing with rescues but a few were unable to be moved on. Hatts has awful genital mutilation which leaves him prone to UTI'S and flystrike and Delly was also mutilated but to a lesser degree. They live with an amazing foster mum.  With careful management both buns are thriving, they have their own room, where they cause havoc! 

Vinnie - this little lad, has lots of issues, sadly he is completely blind and following an examination by our vet, his lungs are consolidated with infection so treatment got underway immediately, once his oxygen intake improves he will feel much better. Sadly nothing to be done for his eyes but he has settled in very nicely and is exploring his pen as best he can.

July 2021 - UPDATE on Vinnie sadly he has Thymoma, Pasturella and is blind due to detached Cornea's. He is now bonded to Foggy, who had an enormous abscess when he arrived, it has been all that Vinnie needed to grow in confidence. Foggy takes care of Vin's weepy eyes and acts as his guide