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We help 'at risk' rabbits in the UK, get to the safety of a Rescue or into Foster care. By 'at risk' we mean, those being give away for free and look neglected or ill. 

Plus we help with the removal of rabbits from hoarding situations and from breeders / meat farms etc. closing down and place them into good rescues around the UK after they have had their RVHD2 vaccinations.  Fortunately, we are now geared up to be able to provide quarantine to a large number of animals at one time, arranging vaccinations were possible, before placement. 

One Bun At A Time will also help people if they need to be admitted to hospital, we will care for their rabbits while they are being treated. If the person is, sadly, unable to return home or is placed into care and it is evident they will no longer be able to care for them, we will offer to find a verified rescue to take the animal(s).  If a person were to lose their home through, for example, flood, storm, fire or eviction, we will offer care and a safe haven for their rabbits. We have holding facilities to be able to provide emergency accommodation. We are often asked to help catch and care for stray animals, these animals are at risk and often in need of veterinary treatment, we will arrange this with our approved vet

If you are a Rescue, who aim to follow, as far as possible, RWAF guidelines re:  housing, space, vaccinate rabbits for both Myxi/VHD1 and RVHD2, neuter and/or spay, home in pairs or single to bond with a single, home check potential new homes, back up for life and are non destruct,  OR you can help our vulnerable furry friends, by transporting and/or fostering or in some other way, please do get in touch and we can run through with you what our requirements are :)  i.e. Fosters would need a suitable set up in a quarantine area and their own rabbits must be fully vaccinated, proof of both will be required.  We would ensure you have rescue back up in place before being asked to foster in case any vet treatment/vaccs needed etc.). Fosters will be vetted and given appropriate information/advice)

We give advice to new or existing owners on how to look after their animals properly, i.e. how to improve their animals accommodation to make it better for the animal and also easier for the owner re: cleaning out, especially if someone has difficulty in bending down or has other health issues.  Advice on what is the best food to supply and how to spot potential problems/illnesses etc.   We are able to educate children about how best to look after their new pets, to explain that a pet is for life and a huge commitment, this enables the child to get the most enjoyment out of them and the pet is well cared for.   

If you are able to help with any of the above, please contact us via e-mail or our Facebook Page -