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Collages of some of the rabbits which our Group and members have 'saved' from unsuitable conditions, living in filth, those that have health problems and most unwanted and forgotten at the bottom of the garden.

Teasel & Mallow - UPDATE - These two little ones, recovered well and are now living a life of luxury, they have a whole floor of the house with their own 'en suite'  -  

Mallow had some skeletal problems which means she was immobile, she is having physio and medication and is doing amazingly well and is gaining in mobility all the time. She also had an abscess on her back which has been removed successfully. Teasel is her sister and has a deformed front foot and had a huge abscess which tracked right down into the thoracic inlet into the chest, it was like a bag of hard pus. At the beginning of June, the vet removed all the matter and is hopeful she got it all out, Despite these two being so tiny, they are real fighters and are doing really well. They are being lovingly looked after by Sandra, one of our fab fosterers